Limited Edition Prints

Selling Limited Edition Prints, signed by me and accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity.


Prints made by Whitewall laboratories, Germany at highest quality standards and biggest available size for any given photograph.

ultraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass high quality prints, framed in Black Oak frame for "Darkness" category photographs or White Maple frame for "Light" category photographs.

Currently, 19 pcs available (19/20) of the following prints (click on name to go to photo):

- Boy Has Ears (Light)

- Get Over It (Light)

- Anger (Darkness)

- Laundry Clips Party (Light)

- Stargate (Darkness)

- Flowers in Bluejeans (Light)

For inquiries regarding pricing (between 850$ and 1600$ including transport) and delivery details, use form below. Thank you.

Limited Edition Prints

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