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Limited Edition Prints

Selling Limited Edition Prints, checked and signed by me and accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity.


Prints made by Whitewall laboratories, Germany at highest quality standards, 150x100 cm size, with 3 cm white border and signature on border right lower corner.

Limited Edition Prints Order Form
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Printing is made on Fuji Crystal Pearl premium paper, for a stunning look, but on demand that can be changed.
Currently, 19 pcs available (19/20) of the following prints (click on name to open photo page):
- Boy Has Ears
- Get Over It
- Anger
- Laundry Clips Party
- Stargate
- Flowers in Bluejeans

Number 1 of each 20 pcs edition is reserved for the NFT collector that buys the uniqe NFT of a certain photo. You can find the NFT collection by CLICKING HERE.

For ordering, please use the form below and I will get back to you in shortest time. Thank you!

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