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The Photographer


Hello! I'm Cristian Fechete. Or Cristi.

I am 39 years old living in Oradea, Romania, a small and quiet city but the most beautiful I know. I rediscovered my childhood passion for photography few years ago and it has become an addiction. I take photos of places, people and things that have that little bit of extra within their ordinary existence, so that the moment captured is unique.


I am a photographer of moods and feelings, expressed through extraordinary captures of darkness and light. I believe darkness and light are the essence of each photograph. Also, they are not just physical factors that influence the way we see the world. Darkness and light are feelings and moods. The dark ones - anger, fear, anxiety, together with the light ones - love, joy, hope, these all make us feel alive.

And that is what I capture in my photographs. I like the way the light always fights the darkness and I believe that darkness will win in the end. We are here to witness that fight. And it is quite a unique spectacle.


I avoided sharing my photographs for a long time, partly because I was worried of people's reactions, partly because of my somewhat selfish character... But after giving it a go and seeing people's positive reactions, I started to show and share. And I am taking this one step further now, sharing through prints that you can buy to have, wonder and feel what I have felt when I took the photo.


I use no Photoshop in my photographs so I do not alter their content in any way. I use only Lightroom for retouching the colors and tones to the level where they express best what I wanted to capture.

These photographs are also my memories. Therefore, they are priceless. The quality of the prints is awesome and they will look spectacular regardless where you put them.


Every photo has a story and that makes it unique. Unique things, people and places make us feel alive.

So I live to capture moods, feelings, darkness and light for eternity so that others can enjoy them too.

These captures are special, unique and impossible to predict. For some of the photographs I have made, I had to go through extremely demanding physical and mental endeavours, others just came at me from nowhere. I don't do set-up shots, I hate them.

Therefore, there is never a fixed period of time when I can say I will take the next photograph worthy of printing.


You can always find me here and contact me using the form below for any requests or just to say hello. Thank you for your visit!

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